terça-feira, 6 de novembro de 2007

Bela Torres / Beautiful Torres

Torres, pretty beach city of the Brazilian South, with beautiful beaches. Torres is situated in the coast of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul. It annually receive thousand from people of all Brazil and, also, of the neighboring countries. Beyond being one of the sophisticated destinations of summering more of the State, the city is headquarters of ballooning festivals, activity very spread out in the region. Its pleasant climate and the vastness of its white sand beaches also is part of the local attractions. The city possesss a great variety of natural beauties, forming an only ecosystem in the State. There it is possible to find sea, island, beaches, dunes, rochedos, kills Atlantic, river, lagoon, waterfalls and diverse species of the fauna and the flora - everything in one same place. Torres (Towers in english) are one of the cities oldest of the State of the Rio Grande Do Sul. Population: 30,880 inhabitants. The region initially was inhabited by indians Carijós, Minuanos and Arachanes, who lived of the hunting and fish and if they dedicated to a rudimentary agriculture. Today, it still remains the colonial casario, that counts a little of the history of the city, appeared in century XVIII. The climate of Torres is the dry tempered one. The annual average temperature of the region is of 21ºC - with principles of until 35ºC and minims of 12ºC. The heat is alleviated by a light cooling breeze that comes of the sea. Events: The party of the Balonismo in Towers started by chance. In 1989, during the preparativeses of II the FEBANANA, party previously carried through in the city, its organizadores had decided to innovate and to bring some balloons for the opening of the event. The success was size that, from the following year, appeared the I Festival Sulbrasileiro de Ballooning. The city of Torres became it capital Brazilian of the ballooning. It in such a way pleases to the practitioners for its ideal climate and topography for the flight, how much for offering one of best infrastructures of Brazil for pilots and teams. The event congregates annually, in the month of April, about 40 a thousand people in the Park of the Ballooning.
Apesar de se tratar de apenas um registro despretensioso, sem qualquer apelo técnico, cuidando-se de um Postal, como sempre referido por uma amiga minha, achei interessante publicar esta fotografia no Blog para que mais pessoas possam admirar a belíssima Torres-RS, cidade praiana do Sul bastante visitada por turistas de todos os pontos do Brasil e, em especial, pelos "manos" argentinos e uruguaios. A cidade oferece inúmeros atrativos naturais, além das maravilhosas praias, como a da Guarita, localizada entre bonitas rochas. No início do outono, normalmente recebe milhares de pessoas para o festival anual de balonismo, grande atrativo para os fotógrafos de esportes. Enfim, Torres é Bela e agradável.

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